Who Is Behind NileRed? | The Untold Story of the TikTok Chemist Taking the Internet by Storm.

Who Is Behind NileRed The Untold Story of the TikTok Chemist Taking the Internet by Storm

Nigel Braun, commonly known as NileRed, is a renowned science communicator. He is the mastermind behind the NileRed TikTok and YouTube channels that are focused on chemistry-related content.

If you are a science enthusiast, this article is for you! This will brief you on everything you need about Nigel Brawn, aka NileRed. Keep on reading to discover the full story of this passionate human being.

The Identity of NileRed

Real Name and Background

Nigel Braun, named NileRed, is a well-known Canadian YouTuber and TikToker. Since he was eight years old, Nigel has conducted experiments independently. He loved science from a young age, and in 2010, he joined McGill University in Montreal, Canada, to study Biochemistry for his B. Sc. degree.

During his time at university, Nigel also took a minor in pharmacology, but he was more fascinated by applied chemistry. In early 2014, he got a job as an organic laboratory technician, where he had the opportunity to work on some small laboratory projects. Because he was so passionate about his work, Nigel decided to document his projects.

Originally, Nigel only wanted to keep the documentation for personal reasons and had no plans to share it publicly. However, in March 2014, he changed his mind and decided to share his experiments with the world through YouTube.

On March 11, 2014, he created his first YouTube channel, “NileRed,” and posted science experiment videos. His channel quickly gained popularity, and he gained a large fanbase. Later, he also started a TikTok channel, sharing similar content and building a dedicated following there.

Nigel Braun Professional Identity

Before becoming a content creator, Nigel worked in different chemistry-related roles. He was a Chemistry Laboratory Assistant, an Undergraduate teaching assistant, and an Organic Laboratory Technician. Later, he worked as a Teaching Assistant, specifically in organic chemistry.

In 2015, Nigel started studying for his master’s degree, but he realized it wasn’t something he was truly passionate about. So, he made the brave decision to drop out of the program. Instead, he decided to focus on his YouTube channel and dedicate a whole year to creating content related to chemistry experiments.

After that, he became a full-time content creator, focusing on making engaging videos about various chemistry experiments.

NileRed’s Content and Activities

TikTok/ YouTube Channels Overview

On NileRed’s TikTok and YouTube channels, he shares fascinating and educational content related to chemistry and science. He also conducts many impossible possibilities, like turning some objects into their complete opposites. For example, turning a stone into soap.

Some of the themes explored by NileRed include chemical reactions, the synthesis of compounds, and the properties of different elements. He conducts experiments using safe and easily accessible materials, ensuring viewers can enjoy and learn about chemistry without risks.

In addition to the experiments, NileRed provides educational aspects by explaining the scientific principles behind each reaction. Thus, he makes the content both entertaining and informative.

Notable Projects and Experiments

NileRed does lots of chemistry, like turning plastic Gloves into grape soda, making Bromine from pool supplies, etc. He can turn anything into other things, like turning paper into plastic, turning plastic into gold, and turning soap into French fries. He also destroys things by using Mercury. NileRed is a huge fan of Bromine and shares some risky tricks with the chemical.

Here are some notable projects by NileRed:

Origin and Nationality

NileRed is a Canadian born in Quebec, in Southeastern Canada.

Ethnicity and Cultural Identity

Nigel was born into a German and Japanese ethnic background. 

Gender Identity

NileRed is male according to his gender identity.

How To Contact NileRed?

NileRed can be contacted through his social media channels on TikTok and YouTube, where he interacts with their audience. Moreover, Nigel can be contacted via his email, [email protected].

NileRed’s Personal Life

NameNigel Braun
Birthday September 7, 1991
Native land Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Age32 years old as of 2023
Nationality Canadian 
ProfessionScience Communicator and Social Media Content Creator
EthnicityGerman and Japanese Descent
High SchoolLocal High School in Montreal, Canada
University McGill University in Montreal, Canada
Social Media YouTubeInstagram and ThreadsTikTokTwitterWebsitePatreon Discord Server 
YouTube Channel 02NileBlue (Lab safety and vlogs)
YouTube Channel 03NileRed shorts (Chemistry shorts)
Parents Not mentioned 
Siblings Brother: Corey Braun
Marital status Unmarried 
Net worth Estimated to be $3.2 million as of 2023.

Personal Relationships

The latest available information shows that NileRed’s relationships, including those with their spouse or partner, have not been publicly known.

Family Background

Similarly, information about NileRed’s parents, including their names, remains undisclosed. However, there’s a hint of a sibling named Corey Brawn. He acclaims that he offers content-creating insights within NilRed’s YouTube channel. 


Accordingly, NileRed, also known as Nigel Braun, is a popular science communicator and content creator on TikTok and YouTube. His captivating videos showcase chemistry experiments, debunk myths, and explore various chemical reactions. Thus, his engaging content inspires science enthusiasts and students, impacting the chemistry community and TikTok audience worldwide.


How do I contact NileRed?

NileRed can be contacted through his social media channels on TikTok and YouTube and via his email, [email protected].

Where is Nigel Braun from?

NileRed is a Canadian born in Quebec, in Southeastern Canada.

Does Nile Red speak French?

On his Twitter account, NilRed has mentioned that he can understand French, but his “spoken French is horrible.”

Is NileRed autistic?

There is nothing related to autism in his character.

Is NileRed Asian?

Yes, Nigel was born into a German and Japanese ethnic background.

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