Who is behind The Trickstars? | Meet the Creative Mind Who Makes the Magic Happen

Who is behind The Trickstars Meet the Creative Mind Who Makes the Magic Happen

The Trickstars TikTok account has taken the social media world by storm with its mesmerizing dog tricks and heartwarming content. But do you know the person behind this viral sensation? Lucy Heath, the professional dog trainer, is the driving force behind The Trickstars. If you are a dog lover, this article is for you. Stay tuned to shed light on the main identity of The Trickstars and explore the impact she has had on the dog training community and TikTok users worldwide.

Lucy Heath’s Background & Journey

“It really is my dream job. I’m not rich from doing any of it, but I’m able to do what I love for a living and be comfortable. There’s nothing else I’d rather do,” is what Lucy Heath stated to ‘The Mirror, enhancing her career highlights. Lucy Heath, a dog trainer, participated in Britain’s Got Talent for two consecutive series.

She has a deep connection with dogs and has always been fascinated by how they behave and how to train them. She not only trains dogs but also shares her expertise with others.

Lucy is active on social media, especially on TikTok, where she entertains and educates people who love dogs through her page “The Trickstars“. She has greatly impacted the dog training community, inspiring many people to learn more about dogs and build stronger relationships with their pets.

As aforementioned, Lucy also participated in series 9 and 10 of Britain’s Got Talent. In Series 9, she auditioned with her dog Indie but unfortunately didn’t make it to the Semi-Finals. However, in Series 10, Lucy returned with Trip Hazard, and their incredible performance earned them a spot in the Final.

This milestone not only solidified Lucy’s reputation as an exceptional trainer but also captured the hearts of millions of viewers who witnessed her incredible bond with her four-legged companions. Before her BGT appearances, Lucy had also showcased her talent on That Dog Can Dance, a show hosted by Christine Bleakley, where she performed with Indie.

Lucy Heath’s Biography & Early Life

Lucy is a talented and passionate dog trainer Born and raised in the UK. She is 37 years old as of July 2023 and resides in Birmingham, England. Lucy developed a deep love for animals at an early age

According to my parents, one of my first words was “dog”!

Lucy Heath

As Lucy stated, she had had undying affection for dogs since infancy. But she got her first dog when she was 21 years old. Since then, she has been hooked on dog training and never looked back.

Lucy initially thought she might be a musician since, besides being a dog trainer, she is also a guitarist. But she never let go of her love for animals and was spotted as a finalist in Britain’s Got Talent.

The Trickstars's Lucy Heath with her dogs

How The Trickstars Became Famous

The Trickstars became famous on TikTok by sharing captivating videos of their talented dogs performing incredible tricks. Their content quickly went viral, reaching millions of viewers amazed by the bond between Lucy Heath and her ‘trickstars’.

The videos entertained and motivated dog owners and aspiring trainers, encouraging them to explore new training techniques and strengthen their bond with their pets.

The viral nature of their content allowed them to reach not only dog lovers but also animal lovers worldwide. TikTok users were mainly drawn to Lucy’s unique bond with her dogs, which gave each video a sense of joy and wonder.

The Trickstars’ 4-Legged Members

The Trickstars TikTok account features a team of amazing dogs. Ash, the blue merle Tri Shetland sheepdog; Trent, the smooth collie; Indie and Strike, the red Merle Border Collies, Foxy the red and white Border Collie; and Trip Hazard and Dizzy; the Pomeranians crossed with Maltese. These talented dogs and Lucy create captivating videos that amaze and delight their TikTok followers.

The Impact of The Trickstars’s Videos

The Trickstars’ videos have positively impacted dog owners and enthusiasts. Lucy Heath’s content has provided helpful training tips that have benefited many followers. People have shared stories about how Lucy’s advice transformed their relationships with their dogs. The engagement with her audience is strong, with people leaving comments and asking questions.

Lucy actively responds, showing her dedication to helping others. The supportive community around The Trickstars is uplifting, with dog lovers connecting and sharing their experiences. Lucy’s videos have made a real difference among dog owners, creating a positive and helpful space for everyone involved.

Lucy Heath’s Online Presence Beyond TikTok

Besides TikTok, Lucy Heath is active on other social media platforms like InstagramFacebook, and YouTube. On these platforms, she shares extra training tips, behind-the-scenes moments, and insights into her life with her dogs. Lucy’s commitment to spreading her expertise goes beyond social media; she has contributed to dog training literature and collaborated with organizations in the field.

Lucy Heath’s Net Worth

The exact figures of Lucy Heath’s net worth are not known to the public, but she earns money in different ways. She works with brands and sponsors who pay her to promote their products. She also makes money from her TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram videos through ads and sponsored content.

Being on TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent can also bring in money. Even though her net worth is not mentioned in exact numbers, it’s clear that Lucy has successfully made money through her dog training and entertainment work.


Thus, The Trickstars TikTok account has amazed audiences worldwide, captivating them with the extraordinary talents of Lucy and her dogs. Through their videos, Lucy has brought joy and wonder to millions and inspired dog owners to cultivate stronger relationships with their pets.

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