Who is Behind The Living Tombstone? | Unmasking the Geniuses Behind the Music & Animation

The Living Tombstone_ Unmasking the Talented Individuals Behind the Channel

Yoav Landau (founder) and Sam Haft (lead singer) are the masterminds behind The Living Tombstone. They stand out as a prominent YouTube channel renowned for its captivating music and animation content. With a significant presence in the music and animation communities, the channel has amassed a dedicated following over the years.

This article aims to uncover the identities behind The Living Tombstone and shed light on the masterminds behind its success. Keep reading to explore the individuals who have made this channel a creative powerhouse.

Meet The Creators of The Living Tombstone

Yoav Landau

Yoav Landau, born on April 4, 1992, is also known as “Koolfox.” He is an Israeli music composer in the group called “The Living Tombstone.” He started making music in 2006 using a program called FL Studio on a Newgrounds website.

“As the founder of The Living Tombstone, I like to make music and visual things to connect with people.”

Yoav Landau
The Living Tombstone funder Yoav Landau

When Landau was young, he loved electronics and playing video games. He enjoyed connecting with people online and discovered FL Studio, which allowed him to create his music. The popular TV show My Little Pony also introduced him to it, greatly influencing his music.

Landau made his first YouTube channel, “Koolfox.” on February 13, 2006. He shared videos of himself playing games, daily vlogs, and remixes on the Koolfox channel. At the same time, he uploaded his music to Newgrounds.

Then, on August 28, 2011, Landau made an important decision. He announced that he had created a new channel called “The Living Tombstone,” which became the famous YouTube channel we know today.

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Sam Haft 

Sam Haft, born on September 10, 1996, is a talented music producer known for his work on the shows Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel. Not only does he create music, but he also lends his singing voice to the demo versions of the songs he writes for these shows. Haft is an important member of The Living Tombstone, where he shines as the group’s lead singer.

The Living Tombstone lead singer Sam Haft

Beyond his musical interests, Haft has showcased his acting skills in the TV miniseries Bernie Sand Wars and contributed to an exciting audio production called Letters From Camp.

In addition to his work in music and acting, Haft has showcased his vocal talents by providing voices for popular shows like Trollstopia, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 

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Overview of The Living Tombstone

The Israeli American electronic rock band and YouTube channel, The Living Tombstone, was outlined in 2011. Their channel creates a captivating mix of music and animation and is known for producing original songs, remixes, and music videos that appeal to a broad audience. Their style combines catchy melodies with stunning animations.

Some of their songs have become very popular on social media and have inspired internet memes. They have also made music for the video game In Sound Mind and created their own game, AudioClash: Battle of the Bands. The band has been recognized by NME, a music publication, as “the most prominent gaming band on the internet.

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The Living Tombstone’s Career Milestones

One of The Living Tombstone’s early successes was the release of their song “Die in a Fire” in 2014, based on the popular video game “Five Nights at Freddy’s.” This song gained immense popularity and showcased the channel’s ability to create engaging music inspired by gaming culture.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” peaked outside the Top 10 on Billboard’s dance/electronic digital song sales chart. They also released their debut album in 2020, Zero_One.

Their collaboration with popular YouTuber Markiplier on the song “No Mercy” further solidified The Living Tombstone’s reputation in the online music community. The music video garnered millions of views and introduced their music to a broader audience.

The release of “Discord” solidified The Living Tombstone’s presence in the brony community, as it became an anthem for fans of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” The song’s catchy tune and relatable lyrics resonated with fans, leading to widespread recognition.

In addition to their original compositions, The Living Tombstone’s remixes of popular songs have also been highly successful. Their remix of the “Baldi’s Basics” theme song went viral and showcased their ability to transform existing tracks into unique and memorable compositions.

The Living Tombstone Net Worth and Success

The Living Tombstone has an estimated net worth of $10.3 million. The channel has engaged in various commercials selling merchandise such as t-shirts, posters, and collectibles. These merchandise sales have helped them make money and establish their brand in the music and animation communities.

The Living Tombstone has also partnered with well-known brands and organizations, expanding its reach. They have collaborated with companies involved in gaming and animation. They make extra income through other streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

This channel has over 6 million subscribers as of 2023 and has accumulated nearly 3 billion views. They also earn an income from the ads that appear on the videos. Apart from ads, they also generate extra income from other methods such as YouTube Premium, Super Chats and Super Stickers, Super Thanks, Channel Membership, and Shopping.


In conclusion, The Living Tombstone has dramatically impacted the music and animation communities. With millions of subscribers and billions of views, their popularity is undeniable. Their influence and talent have solidified their position as a prominent force in the online music and animation worlds.


Where is The Living Tombstone from?

The Living Tombstone is an Israeli-American electronic rock band.

What is The Living Tombstone’s first song?

The Living Tombstone’s first song is “Super Smash Mouth Bros.”

How old is the Living Tombstone?

The age of The Living Tombstone as a band is 12 years old (formed in 2011).

What genre is The Living Tombstone?

The Living Tombstone’s genre is primarily electronic rock.

How many songs has The Living Tombstone made?

In Soundcloud they have nearly 180 tracks and on Spotify it shows 10 songs. But they have over 32 songs.

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