Emira D’ Spain’s Parents, Real Name, Biography And More

Emira D' Spain’s Parents, Real Name, Biography And More (1)

Emira D’ Spain, an Eritrean / Polish-American model in the fashion industry. She has also garnered attention for her diverse accomplishments and personal journey. This article peep deeper into Emira D’ Spain’s parents, her real name, her early life, Victoria’s Secret journey, net worth and more.

Emira D’ Spain’s Parents and Real Name

Emira D’ Spain’s parental background encompasses an Eritrean mother and a Polish father. Which illustrating a rich cultural diversity within her heritage. Despite the public curiosity, the specific details of her parents are respectfully kept private.

As a well-known personality in the fashion industry, It is widely recognized by her professional nickname. Emira D’ Spain chose the name “Emira” inspired by the Arabic word “Amira,” signifying “princess”. Her actual name, kept private, holds deeper personal and cultural significance. It serves as a personal identifier that keeps her private, adding to the glamour surrounding her successful career.

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Emira D’ Spain’s Biography & Early Life Background

Emira’s early life encompasses a journey from Sharjah on October 8, 1996 in the United Arab Emirates. Her life starts in the United States after her family’s immigration. Her childhood spans residences in Dubai, Kansas City, and Tampa, ultimately settling in Dallas, Texas. Growing up, she was deeply involved in competitive dance, which significantly shaped her upbringing.  

Additionally, she underwent gender confirmation surgery and had two rhinoplasty procedures. During The Conversational Podcast, Emira bravely shared an experience of a 2018 sexual assault incident in Paris. Her courageous disclosure shed light on a difficult moment during that time.

Born Day8th October in 1996
Birth PlaceDubai, United Arab Emirates
Age27 Years old
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
OccupationsModel , Tiktoker
Birth SignLibra

Emira Journey with Victoria’s Secret

In 2022, Emira made history as the first Black transgender woman to grace the stage of Victoria’s Secret. Emira achieved acclaim in Glamour and Nylon, modeling for renowned brands like Fenty Beauty, UGG and NARS Cosmetics. Her diverse achievements transcend the Victoria’s Secret milestone.


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Emira D’ Spain’s Net Worth and Career Achievements

Though specific figures on Emira D’ Spain’s net worth are undisclosed, her impact extends far beyond Victoria’s Secret. Prior to her successful modelling career, she earned a degree in marketing and communications from New York University. It showcasing her dedication and versatility.

Known as a social media influencer and host of the “SNATCHURAL” series on PAPER’s YouTube, Emira has amassed a significant following with over 1.3 million TikTok followers and 113K Instagram followers. While her net worth remains undisclosed, her extensive influence in beauty and lifestyle content creation signifies potential financial success in the social media sphere.

Emira D’ Spain’s Relationships

As of the last available information, details regarding Emira D’ Spain’s relationships, whether past or present, were not publicly disclosed. Emira is recognized for her achievements in the fashion and social media spheres, but her personal relationships have largely remained private.


Emira D’ Spain’s journey reflects bravery and strength. Her undisclosed real name, diverse background, and success at Victoria’s Secret showcase resilience. While she maintains privacy in her personal life, her career and courage in facing challenges position her as a trailblazer in fashion and social media, an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles.

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