Bri Scalesse’s Biography, Car Accident, Husband, Net Worth & Her Career Journey

Bri Scalesse's Biography, Childhood Accident, Husband, Net Worth & Her Career Journey
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Bri Scalesse is not just another stunning face gracing the runways of Victoria’s Secret. Bri Scalesse’s path to becoming a celebrated model is a story of determination, strength, and a whole lot of passion. She made a lasting impact on the fashion world. Through this biography, we’ll take a closer look at her life, her family background, the milestones in her career, and the challenges she conquered.

Bri Scalesse’s Age, Height, Weight & Biography

In 1994, Bri Scalesse was born in San Diego, California. Now as a 29 years old model, she has left an indelible mark on the fashion world. Bri Scalesse 5’8″ (173 cm) tall and weighing 57 kg. Not only that she possess great inner strength and determination but also boasts physical attributes that perfectly match her character.

Bri Scalesse’s family has been her rock. Her mom, Sandra Kornacki, is a successful businesswoman, and her dad, Mark Scalesse, used to be a firefighter. They taught her to be confident and be positive. Bri also has two younger sisters who support her.

NameBri Scalesse
Birth day25th September 1994 (29 years)
Height173 cm (5’8)
Weight57 kg
Birth countrySan Diego, California
Bri Scalesse

Bri Scalesse’s Car Accident

Bri Scalesse’s life took a tragic turn on April 20, 2001. There was a serious car accident that occurred While her family was travelling in East Hampton. At that time, Bri’s mother Kornacki, lost her life in the crash. Not Only that, Bri suffered a broken spinal cord and was left paralyzed from the waist down when she was 6 years old.

Bri Scalesse was airlifted to Hartford Hospital, where she spent several weeks undergoing surgeries and beginning her long journey to recovery.

Bri Scalesse’s Husband & Family Life

Sheldon Nguyen & Bri Scalesse met through a dating app in 2019. Nguyen, a Vietnamese-born man was a pharmacist living in New Brunswick. Five months later, Sheldon Nguyen organized a surprise proposal. “It was so beautiful and the fact that the people we love were around us made it really special too” this said by Scalesse after Nguyen proposed to her.

Their wedding on June 2nd  at Rule of Thirds in Brooklyn, officiated by Daniela Villa Ramos, united them in the presence of 181 guests, marking the beginning of their marriage journey.

Bri Scalesse’s Career Beginnings 

Bri Scalesse started her modelling journey in 2019 with FFORA, a wheelchair accessory brand. In 2020, after her appearance in the “Project Runway” finale at New York Fashion Week, she went full-time as a model when she signed with We Speak Model Management. Since then, she’s been featured in ads for big brands like Nike, Google, Skims, and Ugg. This fall, she’ll be part of a Victoria’s Secret campaign.

Bri Scalesse’s journey as a Victoria’s Secret Model

Bri Scalesse embarked on her remarkable journey with Victoria’s Secret in 2023. She was the first model with a visible disability to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Bri Scalesse’s unique mix of grace, charm, and self-assurance made her stand out in the modelling world.

Right from her first appearance, she became a Victoria’s Secret model known for her one of a kind style and her captivating presence on the runway. Her journey with the brand has been characterized by complexity and modern flair, making her a standout talent within the Victoria’s Secret family.


We’re excited to spotlight the stars of the VS Adaptive campaign. First up, model and disability advocate, @briscalesse. When we asked her what she loved about the new collection, she responded, “the VS Adaptive Body by Victoria Bra makes me feel sexy, and my favorite feature of the VS Adaptive Panty is how effortless it is to get on and off in my chair.”  Our Products Have Earned the GAMUT Seal of Approval™. Victoria’s Secret is proud to be the first intimates apparel brand ever to earn this prestigious certification. The Seal is a mark to reassure customers who purchase VS & PINK Adaptive products that a stringent set of requirements developed by experts in the disability space have been met.   To learn more about the other faces of the campaign, visit #VSNow by heading to the link in our bio. #VictoriasSecret Video description: Model and disability advocate Bri Scalesse speaks about the impact of the VS Adaptive collection and the importance of seeing people from the community included in Victoria’s Secret.

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Bri Scalesse’s Educational Background

In addition to her flourishing modelling career, Bri Scalesse is an accomplished academic. She completed her bachelor’s degree in English from Trinity College in Hartford. Furthermore, she holds a master’s degree in fine arts with a focus on nonfiction from Columbia University.

Bri Scalesse Net Worth

Bri Scalesse has not disclosed her net worth publicly. She modeled for Google, Victoria’s Secret, NARS, Sephora, UGG, Skims, Nike, Rimmel London, Urban Decay, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Maybelline and more. As a viral social media influencer, Bri Scalesse has 470k followers on TikTok and 36k on instagram. 

And also Bri Scalesse is one of the professional dancer with rollette. Now she teaches for young disabled models at the Rollette’s yearly conferences. Bri Scalesse act in the film titled “As You Are,” which revolves around a young, queer relationship.


Bri Scalesse’s life journey is a testament to her unwavering determination, resilience, and the support of her loving family. From overcoming a tragic accident and breaking fashion barriers, she’s a celebrated model excelling in academics and net worth. Bri Scalesse’s story serves as an inspiring example of triumph against adversity and the pursuit of dreams, proving that inner strength can truly transcend any obstacle.

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