SSSniperWolf Net Worth & How She Makes Money

SSSniperWolf Net Worth & How She Makes Money

SSSniperWolf, whose real name is Lia Shelesh, is a standout star in the online world. With her engaging content, she is among the most subscribed female YouTubers as of 2023. Many fans and followers are curious about her financial success. Lia has impressively built a fortune, and her net worth is estimated to be around $26 million. In this article, we will take a closer look at how Lia makes her money, what contributes to her net worth, and the path she took to reach such heights.

SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth

SSSniperWolf’s estimated net worth, as of the last known update in 2023, hovers around a staggering $26 million. It’s important to acknowledge that such estimates are calculated based on public data and may not be pinpoint accurate. These figures can also change dynamically with shifts in income, investments, and market trends.

SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth Over the Last 7 Years

This impressive growth trajectory showcases her consistent rise in the digital space and her ability to monetize her content effectively.

YearEstimated Net Worth
2023$26 Million
2022$22.5 Million
2021$21 Million
2020$18 Million
2019$14 Million
2018$10 Million
2017$7 Million
SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth Over the Last 7 Years

SSSniperWolf’s income doesn’t just originate from her YouTube videos. Here’s a detailed look:

YouTube Earnings

As of the most recent data (November 2023) SSSniperWolf’s YouTube channel boasts over 34.1 million subscribers and over 24 Billion video views. SSSniperWolf’s YouTube channel net worth falls within the range of $9.03 million to $54.2 million per It’s important to note that her net worth is estimated primarily based on revenue from YouTube advertisements. This figure doesn’t take into account other sources of income, such as sponsorships and merchandise sales.

Daily Earnings

Over the last seven days, SSSniperWolf’s estimated earnings reached $15.3K on that daily avarage is $2,185. However, it’s important to note that earnings can fluctuate daily due to factors such as ad revenue, video performance, and viewer interaction. Additionally, the provided data indicates that in the past, her daily earnings sometimes reached negative figures, indicating potential variations.

Weekly Earnings

SSSniperWolf’s earnings for the last 30 days amounted to $43K. Weekly earnings can vary based on factors like video uploads, engagement, and overall channel performance.

Monthly Earnings

The provided data also includes SSSniperWolf’s estimated earnings by month, with figures ranging from -$1.36K to $283K. Monthly earnings can exhibit fluctuations, reflecting the dynamic nature of YouTube revenue.

Other Income Sources Beyond YouTube 

SSSniperWolf’s income primarily stems from several sources, including ad revenue, sponsored content, and merchandise sales. She has effectively leveraged her YouTube channel’s popularity to collaborate with various brands and create her line of merchandise, including clothing and accessories.

  • Sponsored Content: Brand collaborations with notable names potentially bring in around $50,000 per sponsored video.
  • Merchandise Sales: Lia’s merchandise line, featuring apparel and accessories, adds approximately $2 million to her annual earnings.
  • Other Platforms: She also ventures into Twitch streaming and affiliate marketing, adding a diverse revenue mix.

These various sources ensure a steady flow of income, creating a robust financial portfolio.

Earnings Breakdown

SSSniperWolf’s estimated earnings breakdown provides a closer look at her financial prowess:

  • Daily: Lia makes around $20,000 daily from her combined income sources.
  • Weekly: Her weekly earnings are close to $140,000.
  • Monthly: On a monthly scale, she approximately bags $600,000.
  • Yearly: Her annual earnings are estimated at a whopping $7.2 million.

These figures underscore her significant influence and monetization capabilities across different digital platforms.

SSSniperWolf’s Background

Alia Shelesh was born on October 22, 1992, in Liverpool, United Kingdom. She grew up in a modest apartment with her father, mother, and two brothers. However, as their living space became cramped, the family made the bold decision to relocate to the United States in search of better opportunities.

When she was eight years old, her family welcomed a new member into the family, her baby sister. There, she forged friendships that have endured to this day. She graduated from high school early, demonstrating her determination and commitment to her education.

BirthdateOctober 22, 1992 (Age 31)
Place of BirthLiverpool, England
Height5’4″ (1.64 m)
Weight52 kg
Zodiac SignLibra

Her journey from an ordinary gaming enthusiast to a celebrated internet personality is nothing short of inspirational.

Career and Achievements

SSSniperWolf’s career has been marked by consistent growth and commendable achievements.

  • 2013: Lia launched her YouTube channel, focusing on “Let’s Play” gaming videos and quickly gaining traction.
  • 2015: She reached a significant milestone, crossing 1 million subscribers.
  • 2017: Expanded her content horizon by initiating her second channel, “Little Lia”, featuring DIYs, crafts, and vlogs.
  • 2019: SSSniperWolf’s efforts were recognized at the YouTube Streamy Awards.
  • 2021: She celebrated crossing 25 million subscribers, reinforcing her position as one of the most influential female YouTubers globally.

Lia’s journey is a testament to her dedication and the compelling content she creates.


Today, SSSniperWolf is not only recognized as a remarkable gamer but also as an influential content creator. Her YouTube channel has brought joy and happiness to countless viewers, and she continues to inspire and entertain her audience with her unique and engaging content. Alia Shelesh’s journey from a challenging school experience to becoming a successful influencer is a testament to her perseverance and dedication.


How did SSSniperWolf start her career?

SSSniperWolf initiated her journey by sharing her passion for gaming through her YouTube channel in 2013.

Does SSSniperWolf have other business ventures?

Apart from her YouTube content, SSSniperWolf has a merchandise line and frequently collaborates with brands for sponsored content.

Where does SSSniperWolf currently reside?

Lia currently resides in the United States, where she continues to create and inspire.

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