Michelle Dee Advocates for Autism Awareness in Miss Universe 2023 Advocacy Video: ‘Be a True Force for Good’

Michelle Dee Advocates for Autism Awareness in Miss Universe 2023 Advocacy Video

El Salvador will witness Michelle Dee competing for the Miss Universe 2023 title this November. Her dedication isn’t just for the crown. Michelle is a strong advocate for autism awareness, a cause she holds dear. This passion stems from a personal connection: she has two brothers on the autism spectrum.

In January 2020, Michelle’s dedication to autism awareness was acknowledged when she was named the goodwill ambassador for the Autism Society Philippines (ASP). She hasn’t been new to championing this cause. The beauty queen has consistently promoted autism awareness in her past pageant participation, notably during the Miss World Philippines 2019 and Miss Universe Philippines Tourism in 2022.

This advocacy isn’t a mere pageant platform for Michelle. It’s a driving force behind her decision to vie for the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 title. In her poignant advocacy video, the 28-year-old highlighted a striking fact: “One in every 100 children is born with autism”. She made a compelling call, urging society to collaborate in creating inclusive opportunities for everyone.

Michelle’s message is clear and strong. She beckons everyone to support those with autism and their families. “Let’s be a true force for good together,” she advocates, emphasizing the significance of nurturing empowering and inclusive communities.

For those inspired by her advocacy, there are avenues to support. Fans can cast their votes for Michelle’s video and her Miss Universe bid online. If she clinches the title, she’d bring home the Philippines’ fifth Miss Universe crown.