Blaustoise Girlfriend Tea Chang, aka Evergreenily’s Age, Bio, and Her New Relationship

Blaustoise Girlfriend Tea Chang, aka Evergreenily's Age, Bio, and Her New Relationship

Evergreenily, also known as Tea Chang, is not just a gamer but also a talented game developer and UI designer. She is also famous among Twitch and Twitter communities as a green girl. The curiosity surrounding Evergreenily’s age and relationship with known gamers has taken the gaming community by storm. So let’s see all the things about Blaustoise Ex. Girlfriend Tea and her new relationship with Noahj456.

Who is Blaustoise Ex. Girlfriend Tea?

Tea Chang, who goes by Evergreenily online, has created a distinct space for herself as a game developer and Twitch streamer. She has garnered a respectable following of 5.2k on Twitch. While her real name remains under wraps, her presence in Blaustoise’s life is evident. Blaustoise, known for his gaming prowess, seems to had found a kindred spirit in Tea. Their relationship was public for a while, and fans are eager to see this partnership flourish. However, it was ended in late 2019.

Tea Chang AKA Evergreenily’s Age and Biography

As of 2023 Tea Chang is 29 years old she celebrated her 29th birthday on last July 7th. Exact details about Tea Chang’s personal life remain undisclosed, creating an air of mystery around her.

Evergreenily shares her life through her passion for gaming, engineering, and UI design. She is deeply involved in creative pursuits, and her relationship with Blaustoise appears to be rooted in their shared love for gaming.

Tea Chang’s Career Life

Tea Chang’s professional journey is commendable. As the Principal UX Designer at Odyssey Interactive since April 2023, she’s been influencing game design positively. Her tenure at Riot Games was marked by her significant involvement in projects like VALORANT and Teamfight Tactics.

Tea’s Twitter bio provides a glimpse into her life at Odyssey Studio, mentioning her association with Luna Ly, a model, suggesting professional camaraderie.

Noahj456 New Girlfriend Evergreenily?

Emerging as a social media personality, Evergreenily enjoys a following of 11.7k on Instagram and 23.1k on Twitter. Rumors about her relationship with Noahj456 surfaced in May 2023 during the Electric Daisy Carnival. Her subsequent Instagram post confirmed their relationship, signifying that this is a recent development that has caught the fans’ attention. They publicized their relationship in June 2023.


Tea Chang, known in the gaming community as Evergreenily, has piqued interest with her elusive yet intriguing persona. While details about her age and past remain limited, her ongoing relationships and growing prominence in the gaming community continue to engage fans.